Elon Musk Considers his Assassination Risk

Elon Musk considers himself at “significant risk” of being assassinated.

And all because he DARES to make speech free again!

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Elon Musk is fighting for free speech online and is doing so at his own personal risk. He already considers himself a target for assassination, but even if he isn’t physically harmed, his businesses, legacy and reputation will no doubt be trampled by the free-speech hating Left!

The White House has already vowed to “look into Elon Musk,” and that’s just the start.

All of his businesses- from Tesla to Neuralink to SPACEX and more will now be under the microscope.

A billionaire who is willing to put it all on the line to give a voice to the often voiceless… boy sounds like someone else we know- Donald Trump!

And just like Trump, Elon will be dragged through the mud. The man they once praised for his innovation and intelligence will be dismantled before our very eyes and all because he dared to create space for free speech.

We owe Elon a debt of gratitude for diving into the deep end and placing himself under direct fire, all to safeguard our most fundamental right to free speech.

Thank you, Elon. You didn’t have to do this, but we are grateful you did.

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