Baseball LEGEND Curt Schilling was ONCE AGAIN passed over for the baseball hall of fame and all because he dares to be an UNAPOLOGETIC CONSERVATIVE!

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I have the honor of calling baseball pitching legend Curt Schilling, a friend.

Sunday night he was once again based over for the baseball hall of fame. He failed to get 8 of the 12 votes needed to qualify for the contemporary baseball hall of fame.

Yet, his stats would beg to differ. Curt was a six-time All-Star, three-time World Series champion, World Series MVP and National League Championship Series MVP. He finished runner-up for the Cy Young Award three times. He led the National League and American League in wins one-time each!

He is certified baseball royalty and yet, passed over. Not because of a doping scandal, not because his career isn’t worthy, but because he dares to be an outspoken conservative.

It’s truly a shame baseball writers and committee members can’t see beyond their own liberal bias and intolerance.

This is a miscarriage of justice. Curt Schilling deserves his name in lights and a spot in the hall of fame!

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