Military COVID VAX Mandate Likely LIFTED

The COVID vaccine mandate for US military personnel will likely be lifted!

But how will the US government compensate those who suffered under it?

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The new Republican house majority is already getting to work. After pressure from House Minority- soon to be Majority- leader Kevin McCarthy, the vaccine mandate will likely be lifted for our US military personnel.

It should have never been put in place in the first place! Our service members fight and sacrifice for OUR freedom but have had their own rights and freedoms TRAMPLED on a Democrat-led DOD who cares more about the COVID narrative, than public health and safety.

The COVID series of vaccines do not prevent infection or spread, it was a worthless virtue signal to force ANY AMERICAN to get the jab.

But now that it has been lifted, how will the DOD compensate these military members who suffered because of it? Either for refusing to get it, or worse, getting it and now majorly regretting it?

The Left might want COVID amnesty but like hell should we grant it!

There needs to be compensation and a WHITE HOUSE-SIZED apology!

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