LA County Loves Masks

LA is on the verge of reinstating the face diaper mandate!

I’m Tomi Lahren, and no I’m not kidding. More next.

49 states- even liberal ones- have moved on from COVID and COVID mandates, but not California.

Though COVID is glorified cold at this point, due to rising cases (not deaths just cases) LA county is seriously on the verge of reinstating its indoor mask mandate.

This is how obsessed that godforsaken city STILL IS with face diapering! Does it matter that most cloth masks are little more than decoration? Does it matter that less than 6% of hospital beds in LA county are occupied by COVID patients? Does it matter that masking has been proven to be next to useless? NO, not in LALA Land!

I swear, I think these LA health officials just love throwing their weight around. They are drunk on power and addicted to these “emergency powers” they should’ve never been granted in the first place.

I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why every single resident has not fled that city. Y’all are paying an arm and a leg-PLUS TAX- to be controlled and infringed upon more and more with each passing day.

It’s not right. It’s not rational, but it sure is Los Angeles, California.

Enjoy breathing in your own fumes, again, LA!

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