Christmas: The Rest of the Story

How much do you know about the Christmas story? There’s the baby born in a manger in Bethlehem to a virgin named Mary, betrothed to a man named Joseph. There were shepherds in a field visited by angels heralding the child’s birth. There’s the star which led the wisemen to the child. These are all part of the Christmas story, but there’s so much more to tell. For instance, who were the wisemen? Theologian Rick Renner in his book, “Christmas: The Rest of the Story”, explains that the Magi were “an elite, powerful and staggeringly wealthy group of high-ranking priests devoted to interpreting dreams and studying the constellations.” It’s likely that Daniel in the Old Testament was thought to be one of the first. And those Magi likely traveled with a large entourage of servants when they saw that star that led them to the baby Jesus. And the shepherds. They were no ordinary shepherds. They were tasked with keeping watch over the lambs used for Temple sacrifice to atone of sins. The angels tell the shepherd of the birth of the Lamb of God, who’ll be the final sacrifice. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith, Renner talks about many other parts of the Christmas story that lend credence to the entire biblical redemptive narrative. The birth of Christ is not an isolated story, but the climax of God’s plan of salvation.