The Hunter Biden laptop is real. It only took the mainstream media 2 years and 2 election cycles to confirm it!

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Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell is the gift that keeps on giving- or it would be if mainstream media would acknowledge it and its contents.

And no, I’m not talking about Hunter’s personal photos, rather, foreign business dealings and more importantly, the ones that involved the “big guy.”

And now two years and two election cycles later- we can finally look to the pinnacle of journalistic integrity, CBS News, for verification the laptop is real and Hunter Biden’s.

But if you’ll recall in 2020, they just couldn’t wrap their minds- or more accurately their obvious liberal bias- around it.

These fake news outlets wonder why people don’t trust the media. Would the 2020 election have turned out differently if not for big tech, mainstream media and Democrat collusion that worked to bury this very real story? We will never know.

But now that the wardens of truth and information have finally accepted reality, our new Republican House majority should get to investigating.

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