Are American Airports Braced For The Holiday Rush?

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving has long been considered one of the busiest travel days of the year in the United States. The pandemic era stifled Americans from vacations and cross-country visits, yet today the travel volume projections suggest that this Thanksgiving week will demonstrate that travel has returned to pre-pandemic levels. Travel and small business analyst, Mark Murphy joins to discuss how remote work has transformed the traditional American travel habits around the holidays, how airlines have been preparing for a boom in travel, and how the easing of travel restrictions encouraged more Americans to plan trips this year. Later, he gives his insight on how to navigate the airport experience with less stress and explains when is the best time to book a flight.

During the pandemic, America saw a massive uptick in the country’s unemployment rate due to nationwide lockdowns and layoffs. Though the US recovered when most Americans returned to work this year, a record number of young men in what the Labor Department deems their ‘prime working age,’ between roughly 25 and 54, remain unemployed or have neglected to enter the workforce entirely. American Enterprise Institute Wendt Chair Nicholas Eberstadt tackles this complex topic in his new book ‘Men Without Work: Post-Pandemic Edition’. He joins the Rundown to discuss the key reasons young men are turning away from the workforce, how this has a negative impact on society, and what can be done to address what he calls a “Great-Depression-scale-problem.”

Plus, commentary by Fox and Friends Co-Host Steve Doocy.