Mike Pence On 2022 Midterm Results: Candidates That Were Focused On Relitigating The Last Election, Did Not Fare Well

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Mike Pence, the 48th Vice President of the United States joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss a multitude of topics including his new book, the 2022 midterm results, and his 2024 midterm ambitions.

Former Vice President Mike Pence gave his assessment of the 2022 midterm elections saying,

“I honestly believe that the common denominator in 2022 is that candidates that were focused on the future, candidates were focused on the issues that the American people are struggling with, people here in Indiana are struggling with, which is, you know, 40 year high inflation, gas prices, crime in our major cities, and this border crisis and a fentanyl crisis that’s that’s besetting our nation. It’s people look focused on the future. And our solutions to those challenges did well. But candidates that were focused on the past, particularly those that were focused on relitigating the last election, did not fare as well.”