Feds End Funny Highway Messages in New Jersey

The feds are putting A kibosh on funny driving messages on New Jersey state highways.

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Since last month, the New Jersey department of transportation has been featuring funny safety messages on state highway signs.

For example, one of the signs read “slow down this ain’t thunder road.” Another, “get your head out of your app.”

The purpose of these humorous messages was to draw attention to important safety issues, but apparently, this practice was counterproductive.

In an attempt to take cell phone photos of the humorous signs, many drivers actually exhibited unsafe behavior behind the wheel.

I’ll be honest, I would probably be one of those drivers trying to snap a photo. Gas prices are so high, drivers deserve a good chuckle!

Sadly, the feds have put an end to these funny signs citing safety and distraction issues.

New Jersey didn’t get an “A” for safety, but they do get brownie points for creativity! Gotta love New Jersey!

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