Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): If We Lose In Georgia, Chuck Schumer Will Blow Up The Filibuster

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined the Guy Benson Show to detail the importance of a Republican victory in the Georgia senate runoff election in December.

Senator Cruz laid out the stakes for the Georgia runoff saying,

I think if we lose in Georgia, Chuck Schumer will blow up the filibuster, which means the Democrats in the Senate will have the votes to take over all federal elections, to strike down federal election integrity laws all across the country, to legalize millions of illegal aliens, to make the District of Columbia a new state with two new Democrat senators, and to pack the U.S. Supreme Court with four ultra left wing justices. Losing Georgia puts all of that on the table for Democrats in the Senate. Those stakes are horrifically high.”