US Army Recruitment Woes

The US Military has a recruitment issue but the New York Times has a solution, lower standards.

Oh boy. I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

The entire United States Military is struggling to fill its ranks but the Army is the worst off.

That branch, our largest branch, is falling short of between 10 and 15 thousand recruits this year and 2023 is not looking better.

But New York Times Opinion writer Peter Coy has a solution, lower standards for physical fitness, obesity, and even drug use.

Wow. Just wow. That’s just what we need, out of shape and soldiers with drug problems serving in our armed forces…

No, methinks lowering the standards for our largest fighting force is not the answer. Instead, why not address the vaccine mandates, the wokeism that has been pushed by top brass, the low morale of those currently serving under a commander-in-chief who is incompetent at best!

There are other employment fields where lowering standards could be a solution, the United States military IS NOT in that category.

We need those who are not only willing, but ready and prepared to serve. And maybe, just maybe, fostering some pro-american, pro-patriot pride would do wonders for beefing up our roster!

The USA does not LEVEL DOWN, we LEVEL UP!

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