The Department of Transportation orders airlines to pay over $600 MILLION in refunds to travelers.

Is this too little, too late?

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If you’ve flown in the last two years you know the airlines have been less than reliable, to put it mildly.

But now the US Department of Transportation is doing something about it, ordering 6 airlines to pay over half a billion bucks to travelers impacted by brutal delays and cancellations.

This comes after an overwhelming number of customers complained about not getting their refunds or not getting them in a timely manner.

Frontier Airlines is being hit with the largest penalty, totaling $2.2 million.

WOWZA. But that’s not all, the government is also looking at slapping the airlines with more than $7.25 million in civil penalties.

Now THIS may be the first bi-partisan issue in a while. The airlines are running buck wild with fees, lack of services, and high prices.

It’s about time they are held accountable!

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