More troubles ahead for the happiest place on Earth..

Go woke, go broke, Disney?

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Now you’d think the holidays would be a plentiful time of year for Disney but not so much.

The company has announced “tough and uncomfortable” decisions coming down the pike like.. a hiring freeze and layoffs.

Disney’s CEO says these staff reductions are necessary to cut costs after a disappointing quarter.

Now there are a variety of reasons for this, the whole dang country is struggling through Biden-flation and an employee shortage created by an excess in worker laziness, but this isn’t just Biden’s economy at play.

Disney park tickets have skyrocketed 3,871% in 50 years! Middle class families just can’t afford it.

At Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, the price of a single day ticket sits at a whopping $164 bucks while a two-day park hopper pass is over $300

And furthermore, going woke and unsuccessfully taking on the governor of the state you are based probably doesn’t help matters.

Disney, like the rest of these woke companies, needs to get back in touch with its customers and have a “come to Jesus moment.”

It’s a shame one of the most iconic brands in history is skipping down this path!

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