It’s 2022 and everything is apparently racist, including the 100% voluntary and totally color blind LOTTERY!

I’m Tomi Lahren, and wait till you hear this..

The largest Powerball jackpot ticket ever sold went to one incredibly lucky resident in California. It’s worth over 2 BILLION DOLLARS!

We do not yet know who the winner is, we don’t know their race, gender, political affiliation, NOTHING.

Still, woke researchers told CNN that the lottery is inherently and systemically racist.

Um, what?

Yes, they say the lottery is aggressively marketed to low-income communities with a high percentage of black and brown residents.

And if you’re wondering why this would be racist, well the researchers say the idea of the lottery misleads these communities into believing they could get rich quick.

Um..that is the definition of a lottery!!! Participants have horrible odds, buy tickets anyway in the long shot they will get rich, and quick!

It has NOTHING to do with race but the Left just can’t let anything be that simple or innocent.

In the lottery system, we are ALL EQUALLY UNLIKELY to WIN OR LOSE!

Stop with the race baiting!

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