Young people are planning to use their student loan handouts for this..

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Biden’s vote buying “student loan forgiveness” is set to cost taxpayers an estimated $400 billion bucks.

This ridiculous price tag was billed as necessary to help struggling students get by in tough economic times. In fact, forgiveness recipients could see their monthly payments drop up to $300 dollars a month. What a relief, right?

But shockingly, 73% of these so-called cash-strapped students plan to use their student loan savings on travel and dining out.

Wow, isn’t that something? You and I are stuck footing the bill so brats can spend more of YOUR hard-earned money on luxuries like travel and eating out.

If you’re not infuriated, you don’t have a pulse!

The fact that Americans are already struggling to pay their own bills and now have to take on the bills of selfish and entitled students is just something else.

We get what we vote for. Thanks a lot, Democrats!

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