Zuckerberg and co are set to lay off 11,000 employees.

Boy, I guess excessive censorship and one-sided content moderation comes at a cost!

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook is set to layoff a whopping 11,000 employees. This marks the largest job cuts in the company’s history. Thirteen percent of the team will be let go.

This is not shocking. Facebook, which attempted to rebrand itself after a slew of scandals and bad press, is struggling to figure out what the heck it is and wants to be.

This whole shift to the “meta verse” is rather confusing to its users who mostly use the platform to post cat and family pics and connect with long lost high school classmates.

And to make matters worse, the company’s ad sales business is suffering due to needed and welcome privacy changes implemented by Apple.

As a conservative on the platform with over 4.8 million followers, I can tell you it doesn’t help that certain voices are routinely censored and silenced on the platform. Hello, some of your top creators are CONSERVATIVE. TREAT US BETTER!

Facebook was valued at over a TRILLION dollars last year and now..around $250 billion.

Time for some adjustments, Facebook!

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