Karol Markowicz: Trump’s Attacks On DeSantis Are ‘Such A Misstep’

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Karol Markowicz, columnist for the New York Post & Fox News joined the Guy Benson SHow to discuss Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s huge reelection win and the ongoing attacks from former President Trump against the Florida Governor.

Markowicz reacted to the former President’s attacks on DeSantis saying,

“Yeah, I actually think it’s misplayed from Trump. And I think that we kind of saw him walk it back a little bit the next day when he went, he voted for DeSantis. I think that was the next day after the one, maybe two days later after his initial shots at this and this. So I think he’s going to end up softening this a little bit.”

Markowicz added,

“I think that this was such a misstep that he’s hearing from his own people that this is not the way to go. It’s just too early. It’s there’s nobody, including Donald Trump, who can sustain this level of kind of anger or fighting atmosphere for 18 months. This is the reason people don’t announce so early. It’s it’s really hard to continue this battle for so long.”