George Pataki: If Lee Zeldin Hadn’t Been Tied Down With The Trump Baggage, I Think He Would Have Won

(AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Former New York Governor George Pataki spoke to Brian Kilmeade about being disappointed Lee Zeldin wasn’t elected New York Governor. Pataki said Zeldin ran an excellent campaign and was a great candidate but the difference was the democrats tying Zeldin to Trump which made the difference. Pataki also weighed in on talk of Zeldin running to be head of the RNC. Pataki says Zeldin would be tremendous as the RNC Chair. Pataki believes Zeldin having a national following along with his run for governor he would make an effective conservative Republican National Chair with the ability to elect Republicans across the country. When asked about who should take the blame between Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, Pataki says he thinks McConnell did a tremendous job pouring whatever money their Senate Republicans had into all these races. Pataki believes the main problem leading to the Republican loses was the baggage of Trump.