We are all a little perplexed at the choices Pennsylvanians made this week- including the election of a state representative who is literally deceased.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Democrat Anthony “Tony” DeLuca was elected in a landslide to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The only problem is, he died a month ago.

I mean it’s bad enough the Keystone State elected John Fetterman who has a hard time articulating, but to elect a man that is no longer with us is really the icing on a very weird cake.

It makes you wonder, do voters really pay attention? Do they do even basic, baseline research into candidates and issues before they check a box?

Or is the Trump Derangement Syndrome still so prominent and debilitating some will vote Democrat, regardless of anything, including whether the candidate is even ALIVE!

I hope and pray Americans start to take our civic duty a little more seriously. After all, look at what poor electoral decisions have done to our nation in less than 24 months!

The policies matter! Everything should not come down to personality and party affiliation.

Crime, the economy, National Security and more all come down to what and who we vote for.

For the love of God, can y’all at least make sure your candidate of choice is still living!

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