Florida didn’t just go red, it went REALLY red.

What can Republicans learn from Florida?

I’m Tomi Lahren and I’ll give you my take, next.

Ron DeSantis didn’t just win Florida, he won it by a lot and a lot more than people expected.

As for me, I’m not shocked at all. DeSantis is America’s governor and if we ran the whole country like he runs Florida, we’d be in much better shape.

But DeSantis didn’t just win with Republicans, he won with Independents and he won with Florida’s large Hispanic population.

Exit polls show Hispanics broke for DeSantis by 15 points. Compare that to the 10-point lead Democrat Andrew Gillum had in 2018 and it’s clear, Ron is our guy.

In fact, if not for all the New Yorkers that moved to Florida to escape Democrat policies, maybe the New York governor’s race would’ve gone for Zeldin!

Here’s the takeaway, with the right candidate and the right message, purple states go red. Republican candidates at large need to follow the DeSantis formula: freedom, school choice, law and order.

It’s that simple.

Make America like Florida!

DeSantis 2024, baby!

I’m Tomi Lahren and you can listen to all of my hot takes at Foxnewscommentary.com