From Washington: Recession Fears Top Voter Concerns

As home prices fall and interest rates and gas prices soar, the turbulent economy is likely to be at the top of voters’ minds come Election Day. While fears of a recession continue to persist among Americans, some economists believe the country still has time to avoid one. Chief Economist at Moody’s Analytics Mark Zandi joins to explain how releasing oil from the strategic reserve, housing, and rate hikes will impact the economy in the near future, and why the economy is in better shape than it seems.

Utah, a traditionally red state finds itself in an interesting position, as incumbent Republican Senator Mike Lee faces off against Independent challenger Evan McMullin, a one-time presidential candidate in 2016. Senator Lee has gained the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, while McMullin has garnered support from the Utah Democratic Party. Managing Editor at Sabato’s Crystal Ball, University of Virginia Center for Politics Kyle Kondik joins to discuss the chances McMullin could unseat Senator Lee, how McMullin’s campaign strategy has had the incumbent playing defense, and why the race matters on the national level.