Every race counts this November, as Republicans need to win just one seat to flip the Senate in their favor. One state the GOP can often count on to vote red is Ohio, however, the Senate race between Republican candidate J.D. Vance and his Democratic opponent Tim Ryan is tighter than many Americans predicted. Though the candidates are separated by less than two points in recent polls, Trump-backed GOP candidate J.D. Vance is confident that Republicans will be “winning comfortably” when Ohioans cast their votes in five weeks. Vance joins the Rundown to discuss the crucial differences he believes sets him apart from his Democratic opponent, why he’s skeptical of recent polling this far out from midterms, and what key issues he plans on tackling if elected.

The Supreme Court is back in session after returning from its summer recess. With the new term comes new cases, as well as a new member: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. She begins her position following the High Court’s controversial Dobbs ruling on abortion, a big issue ahead of the midterms that’s leading many to disapprove of the Supreme Court overall. Fox News Contributor and Law Professor at George Washington University, Jonathan Turley joins the Rundown to discuss the most potentially impactful cases this term, and current attitudes towards the Court.
Plus, commentary by Fox News Contributor Tomi Lahren.