A San Francisco firefighter wore an epic and TRUE statement on his t-shirt and of course, the Left went berserk!

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As a civil servant you can wear pride and BLM paraphernalia but don’t you dare wear a t-shirt criticizing Joe Biden, especially if you work for the liberal city of San Francisco.

Over the weekend a San Fran firefighter was spotted wearing a “lets go brandon” shirt while at work fixing a fire hydrant.

And of course, the keyboard warriors in the homeless city by the bay had a fit and threw a tantrum on social media.

Now the firefighter’s department is involved and made a statement condemning the shirt and declaring he violated uniform policy.

“Concerned citizens” of San Francisco want disciplinary action to be taken because apparently rampant crime, theft, homelessness, drug use, taxes and regulation don’t bother them but a shirt criticizing our sleepy president, set them over the edge!

Weird though, the department itself sponsors pride shirts…that advocacy is a political statement that may offend some with traditional values but I guess those people don’t matter- just triggered green hairs who still love Joe Brandon..I mean Biden!

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