Liz Cheney makes a declaration concerning 2024…

I’m Tomi Lahren. Find out what Bitter Liz is threatening, next.

The Texas Tribune Festival was chalked full of bitter liberals this year: Hillary Clinton, Gavin Newsom and Liz Cheney!

The loser from Wyoming went down to Austin to declare if Trump is the GOP nominee in 2024, she will leave the Republican Party!

First of all, you are and have always been a REPUBLICAN in NAME ONLY and secondly, who gives a rip, Liz?

Do you really think Trump supporters or Republicans at large care if you leave the party? You offer nothing, which is why you LOST your congressional seat to a Trump-endorsed candidate!

Liz also remarked that she would campaign for Democrats and do whatever possible to keep Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake from winning Arizona and Trump from being reelected to the White House.

It’s just laughable that woman thinks she wields that kind of power! Wrong again, Lizzie!

You’re not a conservative. Not a Republican and not a threat.

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