In a move that for many is too little too late, NYC has finally lifted its vaccine mandate for private sector workers and student athletes.

But get this, the city worker mandate remains.

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Vaccine mandates have been an infringement since the day they were announced and I don’t know what is crazier, the fact that New York City is JUST NOW lifting the mandate for private sector workers and student athletes OR that municipal workers are still being impacted!

This mandate has been in place for nearly a year and what did it accomplish? NYC, just like everywhere else, has a worker shortage and businesses are still trying to recover from lockdown infringements.

Oh, and it’s important to remind folks THE VACCINE DOES NOT PREVENT INFECTION OR SPREAD!

So while it’s great the mandate on student athletes and private workers is up, why on earth would city workers still be under the vaccine and government thumb?!

Americans are struggling in Biden’s economy and in NYC some workers are STILL BEING FORCED to choose between unemployment or a jab they don’t want!

New York, where you can get away with any true crime imaginable but heaven forbid you choose not to get a COVID vax.

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