If you’re a US army soldier risking your life to defend and serve our nation but find yourself battling Biden-flation, the Army has a suggestion and it’s a real doozy.

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Americans are struggling with Biden-flation and that includes brave men and women of the US Army, but don’t worry the U.S. Army has released guidance for that-food stamps.

Sergeant Major Michael Grinston encourages those service members and their families struggling to put food on the table and make ends meet go on government food assistance or the SNAP program.

Wow. These men and women risk their lives and sacrifice for our safety and freedom and the best advice the U.S. Army has for them is to get on food stamps?!

Newsflash, our military members are always essential workers and they shouldn’t be in such a pinch they have to be put in a position to go on food stamps and the fact the Army would so nonchalantly suggest that, is wildly inappropriate.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget the giant bailout of student loan forgiveness extended to college students who can’t or won’t pay back their own debts!

Boy, sure seems like our national priorities are a little messed up, doesn’t it?

We spend on climate change, electric vehicle subsidies, student loan forgiveness and pay increases for politicians but our soldiers are left pinching pennies and worrying about basic bills.


I’m Tomi Lahren.