I’ve seen my fair share of rabid Leftists up close and personal but what I experienced last week during my speech at the University of New Mexico was a whole different animal.

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As an outspoken conservative voice, I’m pretty used to campus opposition and even protests when I come to speak at colleges and universities, but what I experienced last week at UNM was abhorrent, dangerous and vile.

I was invited by the UNM Turning Point USA chapter to speak on campus at a completely voluntary event.

Still, hoards of far Left activists and ANTIFA provocateurs showed up to disrupt the event and attempted to bust into our conference room to attack and intimidate speech-goers.

These not-so-peaceful protesters assaulted campus officers, damaged their own student union building and nearly forced themselves through the doors, all while chanting expletives.

State police and the Albuquerque emergency response team had to be called in to not only break up the mob, but escort me to safety in an armored vehicle.

THAT is NOT freedom of speech and the fact the university did nothing to stop is even more appalling.

I got out safely. I feel for the students who have to return to campus this week alongside the very classmates who attempted to attack them. Disgraceful.

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