Jonathan Swan: There Isn’t Another Politician In The Country That Can Fill A 10,000 Seat Arena Like Donald Trump

Jonathan Swan, National Political Correspondent at Axios, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about why he believes the Special Master will only be a small delay in the DOJ investigation into President Trump’s handling of classified information. Swan also detailed his firsthand account of the huge enthusiasm for President Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania for Dr. Oz and Doug Mastriano. Swan says there is nobody else who can fill a 10,000-seat arena like Donald Trump and is why he is far ahead of any potential primary opponent. As far as potential primary opponents for President Trump, Swan thinks there is a very good chance Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence will run and a decent chance Mike Pompeo decides to run. Swan also believes Chris Christie might run and would not be shocked if Liz Cheney runs. One person Swan is confident will not run if Trump runs is Ted Cruz. Swan also looked at the mid-term odds and said history says the Republicans should pick up an average of 25 seats in the House because the party out of power tends to do well in midterms. In the Senate, Swan says it is a jump ball but there is a clear path for the Republicans to take over the Senate.