Bill Melugin Contradicts Karine Jean-Pierre On Border: “She Should Come Down Here And Take A Look Herself”

Bill Melugin, National correspondent for @foxnews based in L.A joined the Guy Benson Show to detail he latest reporting on the crisis at the southern border, as thousands of migrants continue to illegality cross into America.

When asked by Benson if he thought Karine Jean-Pierre was correct to say migrants aren’t just crossing into the country when pressed by Peter Doocy a few weeks ago, Melugin said the following:

Perhaps she should come down here and take a look herself, perhaps anybody in the administration. Kamala Harris, President Biden, John Pierre should come down here, come to Eagle Pass for one day. Just take a look at it. I don’t understand how they think they can understand border policy, immigration policy, what really happens down here without physically being down here. Because I didn’t understand it until I started covering it.

He went on to say:

So for her to make the comment that people just don’t walk across the border, I mean, not only is it blatantly false, it’s concerning because there’s one of two options there. Either she’s just blatantly lying to the American public and trying to deceive them or to she simply just does not have any grasp of what happens down here at all.