‘She’s Just An Incredibly Special Person’: Jessica Tarlov Remembers The Life And Legacy Of Queen Elizabeth II

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Jessica Tarlov, Fox News Contributor, Co-Host of the Five joined the Guy Benson Show to remember the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II the longest-reigning British monarch.

Tarlov remembered the Queen by saying,

“I loved also hearing about, you know, 15 prime ministers, 15 presidents. She only didn’t meet one of them, Lyndon Johnson, which surprised me. But there were even I was listening to some earlier coverage, you know, warm moments that she shared with someone like Donald Trump, who was not her proverbial cup of tea. But she always looked for the commonalities she could find with people. You know what you could share a laugh about. And I don’t know. She’s just an incredibly special person that I think led with this very strong devotion to country, but also a clear view of what she thought was right and would carry through with that no matter what.