Will The Economy Determine The Midterms?

As Democrats continue to focus on right-wing extremism and abortion ahead of the midterms, Republicans are hoping that inflation and the economy will be at the top of voters’ minds as they head to the polls. Despite the latest jobs report showing low unemployment, many wonder whether issues such as the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and energy prices will heavily impact the economy this fall. Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal and FOX News Contributor John Bussey joins the Rundown to discuss whether economic issues will give Republicans an edge in the midterms, the current state of the labor force, and the possibility for the stock market to rebound this fall.
Modern medicine has been a major cause of humans living longer than decades past, but many experts now believe science has only just begun to explore the capacity of human longevity. Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Peter Thiel and many other of the world’s most prominent business leaders have been investing in research aimed at lessening the impacts of aging. Biotechnologist, cellular health expert and author of “Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging” Greg Macpherson joins Fox’s Dana Perino to discuss his work on the science of aging, the difference between biological age and chronological age and what factors he has discovered to allow humans to live for longer.
Plus, commentary by Democratic strategist and former Biden campaign surrogate Kevin Walling.