Ten Thousand Million Jobs

The August jobs report was slightly better than expected but not nearly as tremendous as the White House Press Secretary would have you believe..

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Despite best efforts from team Biden to convince you otherwise, the American people are still feeling the pinch and struggling to afford everyday items as inflation remains high.

Now I’ll always applaud economic success and tell you that yes, the August jobs report wasn’t horrible.

The jobless rate did rise to 3.7% but so did hourly earnings which went up just over 5% since last year.

But, here is the BUT, the modest increase in hourly earnings are still not on par with inflation. So while those who actually take enough pride in themselves to work are earning a bit more, that doesn’t mean the trip to the grocery store is any less painful.

Speaking of jobs, the economy did add 315,000 new jobs which was a bit more than expected. HOWEVER, apparently our illustrious White House Press Secretary didn’t get that memo.

Before the Labor Day holiday, Karine Jean-Pierre told us-get this- that the U.S. has added “ten thousand million jobs” since President Biden took office.

Was it a gaffe? I’m sure it was. Will certain low-information viewers and voters believe it? Sadly, probably so.

Welcome to the circus, folks!

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