Border City Coroners Inundated with Deceased Migrants

Coroners and funeral homes are being INUNDATED with illegal immigrants who died crossing the border.

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The message from Border Patrol agents is clear, we are being inundated and overwhelmed.

But it’s not just border agents who are feeling the weight of this illegal immigration crisis, coroners and funeral homes are seeing an unmanageable amount of bodies, yes migrants who died trying to illegally cross our southern border.

This is shaping to be one of the deadliest, if not the deadliest, years for illegal migrants attempting to cross into the USA.

Coroners and funeral home operators in Texas are sounding the alarm.
One Texas-based medical examiner doctor who services 11 Texas border counties told officials she is at capacity in ALL of her locations.

Those capacity limitations are also forcing funeral homes to store bodies that the medical offices can’t take, leading to some migrants being buried, unidentified.

Many of these migrants are drowning or dying from hypothermia- a stark reminder of how dangerous the journey is.

So next time a Democrat tries to tell you this immigration disaster is the “compassionate” way of handling things, you remind them it is anything but!

This is unacceptable but preventable.

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