Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, 2022 to all the folks out there who still have enough pride and work ethic to hold down a job!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Despite the Biden Administration’s best effort to gaslight us into believing our economic woes are labor shortages are not that bad, American business owners are still indeed feeling the pinch.

Y’all know what I’m talking about, no one wants to work anymore and many that do either want an astronomical amount of money OR don’t put in much effort.

That’s not to say Americans are lazy, but perhaps some have gotten a little too comfortable with the “new normal” brought to us via the never-ending COVID pandemic.

For about two years, the almighty government told us it was our health and wellness duty to stay home and stay out of the office. It was a sham then, and it’s a sham now!

So on this Labor Day, or I guess starting tomorrow, we all make a vow and an effort to collectively put in 110%.

And to those who already do, let’s inspire our peers to do the same! The American Dream is alive and well, it just took a little nap. So let’s wake up!

Happy Labor Day and God bless!

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