Illegal Immigrants Arrive in Chicago!

Chicago received its first busload of illegal immigrants last week and Mayor Lightfoot isn’t happy!

Too bad, Lori.

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Late last week, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott began bussing illegal immigrants to Chicago. Two busloads with an estimated 80-100 illegals were dropped off at Chicago’s Union Station.

This is, of course, a part of Governor Abbott’s approach to showing these sanctuary cities and states what it’s like to be a border state.

A spokesperson from Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office said in a statement that Abbott is “without any shame or humanity,” but what does she mean by that?

If these blue city mayors are all about welcoming illegal immigrants into the USA, they should be grateful to receive these busloads to add to their populations.

These Democrat mayors are all up in arms about the stress these migrants put on their shelters and social services, but do they not understand that’s what border cities have to deal with each and every single day thanks to Joe Biden’s open border?!

Turns out it’s easy to be welcoming to illegal immigrants when you don’t have to bear the brunt of the burden, huh Democrats?!

To Texas Governor Abbott I say, keep the buses coming until these open-border Democrats get the point!

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