NYC Officials Pressure Credit Card Companies to Track Gun Sales

New York City officials demand credit card companies start flagging and tracing gun purchases.

Here we go again. I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

New York City officials Mayor Eric Adams Comptroller Brad Lander are pressuring credit card companies to create a system to trace gun and ammo purchases- even holding the city’s government retirement investments over their head to do so.

They claim this is to prevent future mass shootings because I guess they are suddenly worried about violent crime..

But no, this is just another way to shame, stigmatize and track gun owners.

Lander is contemplating holding the city’s 3 public retirement pension funds- which amount to more than $800 million invested in MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX- hostage until they back the creation of this new tracking code.

That sounds like intimidation to me…

If I told you a few years ago the government would start pressuring private companies to monitor and report your purchases, you’d call me a right wing nut conspiracy theorist.

Well, here we are. The government IS big brother and they will go to great lengths to look over your shoulder. Stay vigilant.

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