Mile High Airdrops

You know air travel has gotten out of hand when a pilot threatens to end the flight over this behavior from passengers…

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Air travel has gone downhill in the last couple of years. First it was the mask mandates that sent passengers over the edge. Now we have to endure mass delays, cancellations, and high ticket prices.

It’s no wonder things at 30,000 feet have gotten a little wild! But what happened on a recent Southwest flight to Cabo is above and beyond.

The pilot had to come over the intercom and threaten to return to the gate, not due to weather or mechanical error, but because passengers were sending nude photos via airdrop!

A clip of this announcement has since gone viral on social media, prompting the pilot to explain that this x-rated activity threatened the safety, security and wellbeing of customers and employees.

This might seem like a harmless prank but it’s one that can carry serious consequences. A passenger was recently arrested from a similar offense.

So travelers, please do us all a favor and save your explicit photos for your DMs and to everyone else, perhaps consider turning OFF the airdrop!

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