The Intolerant and Unloving Left!

Two thirds of college Democrats refuse to room with Trump supporters.

The loving and tolerant Left strikes again!

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According to a recent NBC News/Generation Labs poll, 62% of college Democrats say they’d refuse to room with a student who voted for Donald Trump in 2020.

They, like their mentor Hillary Clinton, believe Trump supporters are deplorables, homophobes, sexists, xenophobes and racists.

Wow, stereotyping individuals before meeting them and vowing to judge them based solely on who they voted for..sounds like the inclusive and tolerant Left we are always hearing about!

So would these hateful and intolerant Liberals prefer a segregated dorm situation? Is that what they’re after?

This is what it has come to folks- aided and abetted by Democrat politicians and the mainstream media-young people now find it acceptable to not only falsely label and vilify those who don’t think like them, but feel they are also entitled to keep them out of common spaces.

I suggest these snowflakes grab a history book or a lick of common sense and realize what they are advocating is not only morally wrong, but the exact opposite of the EQUALITY, DIVERSITY and TOLERANCE they pretend to support!

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