Senator Ernst On Afghanistan and Biden’s ‘Broken Promises’

Just over one year ago, the Taliban captured Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul following the withdrawal of American forces from the region. President Biden had ordered all US troops be removed even as key Afghan provinces quickly fell to the Taliban, and today Afghans are once again living under the Taliban’s repressive rule. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) joins the podcast to explain how the disorganized U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan destabilized the region, reports of mass hunger and potential terror resurgence under Taliban rule, and her concern that America is not holding the Taliban accountable as the Biden administration promised they would.

Although many recognize Tim Tebow as a Heisman-winning NFL quarterback, he is also known for his charitable work. With the latest campaign, “Protect Them,” the Tim Tebow Foundation is aiming to put an end to human trafficking by protecting those who are victims of it. The organization is working to provide safe shelters for girls and witnesses facing threats for testifying against their traffickers in court. He joins the Rundown to discuss how he was first introduced to the issue, and the foundation’s ongoing efforts to fight human trafficking by providing help, faith, and healing to those in the most vulnerable situations.

Plus, commentary by Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson.