Reliable Sources: CANCELLED

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” hosted by Brian Stelter is coming to an end.

I’m sure I’m not alone in crying…tears of joy!

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After 30 years and various intentions of the show, CNN is pulling the plug on “Reliable Sources” and Brian Stetler is also on his way out!

The company says Brian will be moving on to “other endeavors” though it’s unclear what those may be…

It’s been a rough couple years for CNN. Now that the network doesn’t have Trump on Twitter or in the White House to bash on and fill hours of air time, they’ve been slipping in the ratings.

Maybe that whole “woke” thing isn’t as fun or bearable to watch as they thought!

Add loss of viewers to the loss of Chris Cuomo, various scandals, the dismal flop of their streaming service CNN+ and you’ve got a situation that looks more like a dumpster fire than a network!

Turns out the American people are sick of being told how horrible Trump is as they live in the reality of what Joe Biden has created!

Liz Cheney AND Brian Stelter in one week?! What a bonus.

Good riddance!

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