Flag On The Play! Rep. Donalds Says The Inflation Reduction Act Will Penalize Americans.

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to pick apart the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. He says there are many red flags in this bill.

“This is an awful bill. And I think, number one, it’s not going to reduce inflation. They lie to everybody because their numbers are terrible on inflation. So they got to lie. Number two, everybody’s been talking about the IRS agents and all this money going towards them. That’s just ridiculous. Makes no sense. The IRS is going to have one of the largest agencies, like the number two agency to like the military. Think about that for a moment. The one thing that we actually have a responsibility to do, which is protect the homeland. The IRS is going to be the second largest agency. That’s insane. And then the biggest one of all and it’s the one that has not been getting a lot of play because everybody’s focused on the IRS and on the fact that they’re doing all this Green New Deal stuff, which we shouldn’t be doing anyway. But the other part is they’re doubling the taxes on oil and gas. So at a time where everybody was already upset and furious that energy prices were through the roof, the only reason why gas prices are coming down is because we’re in a recession. And, you know, when you’re in a recession, there’s less, people don’t buy as much oil. So there’s not a there’s not as much economic growth. So that’s why we’re in a recession. And then you’re going to double the tax on oil and gas to raise the cost of oil and gas, for people all across the United States. I mean, that’s just stupid. I got like three or four flags on this play . This is like unnecessary roughness because there was no need to do this to the American people. Taunting because you told them it is going to reduce inflation. And it doesn’t. And I could go on from there.”

Rep. Donalds says this bill will end up penalizing Americans for not fully understanding a very complicated tax code, which he thinks is unfair. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!