The CEO of Six Flags is sounding OFF on rowdy teens using amusement parks to run amok.

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The popular Texas-based amusement park Six Flags has lost about 2 million customers in the last year and shares are also down about 18%.

The company’s CEO is blaming out of control teens and their absentee parents for the steep decline in park attendance saying it became a “cheap day care center for teenagers during breaks and the summers.”

And he’s not wrong. Out of control teens have been blamed for several violent outbursts in several locations over the last year. Just last month in New Jersey a teen was arrested for aggravated assault after attacking a police officer sent to the park to tamp down on the chaos.

In response to this growing problem, the company is hiking prices to drive out the riff-raff, as they should!

There’s no reason decent people should have to fear for their family’s safety in an amusement park of all places!

Where are the parents? Where is the discipline? Our country is becoming one giant lawless free-for-all and it’s beyond disappointing we allow it to continue!

It’s time to start showing some tough love to these teens before they go from being lawless kids to lawless adults! Enough!

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