The Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act has passed the Senate and is expected to pass the House on Friday. While this package will tackle issues surrounding climate and health care, it is also set to allocate 80 billion dollars to the IRS, which would allow the agency to add an additional 87,000 employees. With the Internal Revenue Service set to expand, many are questioning what that would mean for Americans and the frequency of audits. Senior Political Correspondent at Axios Josh Kraushaar joins the podcast to break down voter anxiety toward the IRS and this bill’s potential impact on the midterms. Later, CEO and President of Levy & Associates Tax Consultants Lawrence Levy joins to explain the current issues with the IRS and why he is skeptical additional funding could shift their behavior.

A virus that was believed to be eradicated has resurfaced within the United States. For the first time in nine years, polio was detected in an unvaccinated man who suffered from paralysis in Rockland County, NY. While most Americans are vaccinated against polio, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a surge in vaccine hesitancy, and many are concerned that is leading to fewer children getting immunized. Dr. Walter Orenstein is the Director of Vaccine Policy and Development at Emory University and the former Director of the US Immunization Program at the CDC and he joins the Rundown to discuss the nature of the polio virus, the importance of increasing immunization levels, and how to combat vaccine hesitancy within the country.

Plus, commentary by Jimmy Failla, host of “Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla.”