Snickers Loves China

This popular candy bar is the latest brand to BOW to communist China.

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Mars Wrigley, the maker of the popular candy bar “Snickers” is apologizing to communist China for a social media post that suggested Taiwan was its own country.

The blog post showed videos and photos of a limited edition Snickers that was only available in the COUNTRIES of South Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Uh oh. Needless to say, China was not happy.

Not only did the company post an apology to China, it REMOVED all the content.

What is it with these companies? Why are they so afraid of China?

And the worst part? Many companies and individuals who have kowtowed and apologized to China- a communist, oppressive and human rights abusing nation- have zero issue offending patriotic AMERICANS!

And it’s not just companies. Athletes, entertainers, and public figures alike fall all over themselves to placate China meanwhile, out of the other side of their mouths, they trash the USA as “oppressive!”

The irony and the hypocrisy is thicker than 2 layers of chocolate covered nugget!

Shame on you, Snickers!

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