This Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its July jobs report. After much debate about whether or not the country is in a recession, Americans and economists alike are looking to this data for insight on the trajectory of the U.S. economy which will inform influential monetary policy from the Federal Reserve. Senior Writer for The Wall Street Journal Jon Hilsenrath joins the Rundown to explain the delicate balance the Fed must strike to give the economy a soft landing, why inflation is being worsened by trends of stagnant wages and what he will be looking out for in the July jobs report to prove that economy could be back on a positive path.

Fans who were once excited to get back into the concert scene are now finding themselves unable to afford tickets to see their favorite singers perform. Artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Adele have recently come under fire due to ticket costs ranging between hundreds and thousands of dollars for their shows. Many are placing blame on Ticketmaster and its dynamic pricing system for the skyrocketing prices. FOX News Senior Correspondent Laura Ingle joins the podcast to break down the reasons behind these surging costs and why there’s no easy solution to the problem for artists and consumers.

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