In a photo that sickened many diehard “Yellowstone” fans, Kevin Costner is pictured wearing a shirt in support of RINO Liz Cheney!

Kevin Costner, you are no John Dutton!

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Many fans of the red hot Paramount hit TV show “Yellowstone” (myself included) were shaken to see show star Kevin Costner wearing a “I’m for Liz Cheney” shirt on Twitter.

Liz Cheney is fighting tooth and nail to keep her seat as Wyoming’s lone representative in the House, a battle that won’t be easy considering the state backed Trump by more than 26 points.

Current polls show Cheney’s Trump-backed opponent has 52% support from likely Republican primary voters.

Some might have taken the shirt as sign of Costner being a Conservative but not so fast. Wyoming Representative and VOCAL Trump-hater Liz Cheney might have an “R” behind her name, but many would agree it should be confiscated!

And as for Costner, he might play a cowboy from Montana- from GOD’S COUNTRY- on TV but he certainly doesn’t represent the views of the heartland.

John Dutton wouldn’t approve!

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