A Trump-themed burger spot in Texas is serving up quite a menu with a side order of shade on Joe Biden!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

It’s called “Trump Burger” and sits just outside of Houston Texas, but it isn’t your average burger joint.

The owner, a second-generation Lebanese-American, opened the spot just before the 2020 election and since, it has become quite the tourist attraction.

The owner has a deep appreciation for our former president and his policies, and apparently so do locals and tourists alike!

The menu features specialties like “The Trump Tower” burger served with special “Trump” sauce.

Every burger even has the word “Trump” branded on the bun. Even the so-called “Biden burger” which is comprised of only 1 ounce of beef and a price tag of $50.99

If you ever find yourself in Bellville, Texas with a hankering for meat and freedom, make a pit stop at Trump Burger and take a bite out of some MAGA good eats!

God bless Texas!

I’m Tomi Lahren and you can listen to all of my hot takes at Foxnewscommentary.com

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