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Dana Perino, co-anchor of America’s Newsroom and co-host of The Five joined the Guy Benson Show to react to an RNC supercut mocking White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for repeatedly saying “I don’t have anything” when being asked questions at multiple press briefings.

Perino reacted to the “I don’t have anything” response from Jean-Pierre by saying,

“I think the reporters. you know, I wouldn’t say they’re treating her with kid gloves. I don’t think they are. I think it’s pretty clear that there’s a consensus building that she’s not able to effectively communicate on behalf of the president.

When asked if she agrees with the consensus that Karine Jean-Pierre is not able to effectively communicate on behalf of Biden, Perino answered by saying

“Well, not necessarily. I think one of the things the other thing that happens is that they have very, very stringent COVID rules at the White House, which is why the president is only now getting COVID for the first time. And I don’t think that they spend a lot of time with him. And I don’t think he’s very decisive. You see that also growing as a criticism within the White House that the decisions are slow to get made, that they’re contemplated for way too long. And that might be why she doesn’t have anything for anybody on that, this or that, because they haven’t made decisions yet. Might not be her fault.”