We could be in for a candy shortage this holiday season!

Let’s go Brandon!

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Hershey is warning of a candy shortage this Halloween and holiday season citing supply chain issues and a shortage of raw ingredients.

Apparently the supply of cocoa, edible oil and other necessary ingredients means the mega candy brand is going to fall short of meeting the incredible sugar demand of our favorite holidays.

October is the busiest time for the candy industry, making up around 10% of annual sales.

Hershey will be racking in the dough though, with net sales rising over 19% in the last quarter. They aren’t gonna let the supply chain issues undermine THEIR bottom line.

So you know what that means, consumers will be left paying more for the candy we can find on store shelves!

Looks like this Halloween is gonna be heavy on the TRICK and lighter on the TREAT!

This didn’t happen when Donald Trump was in office, just sayin!

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