Taylor Swift and her private jet have quite the carbon footprint.

Once again, these activist liberals prove they care about saving the environment BUT NOT at the expense of their luxurious lifestyles!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Taylor Swift’s private jet was flown 170 times between January and July which amounts to 22,000 minutes or 16 days in the air!

If you’re wondering, the carbon footprint on that is 8,240 metric tons!

Imagine that, an out-of-touch liberal elitist who claims to champion the fight against climate change polluting the planet 1,185 times MORE than us little people!

Now Taylor’s team says SHE can’t be blamed for all that because she loaned out her plane to others. And?

What difference does that make, Taylor? It’s your plane and I’d be willing to bet you’re “loaning it” to other climate change liberals!

Folks, this just goes to show how little these activist celebs really care about the causes they grandstand for.

They are only “horrified” by climate change when it comes from blue collar workers busting their butts to make a living in the fossil fuel industry! Their jobs are expendable, but Swift’s private jet isn’t!


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